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What is happening to my CCIE lab preparation?

September 2, 2007

Out of no where and no way I am trying to prepare my lab exam.  Perhaps life would be more wonderful if an individual knows how to proceed and keep the focus fixed on what an individual want. Right now I have to define the steps that I need to take and then stick to it. I think I will go for internet work expert COD and IEWB.

I have not purchased it yet. Just a little dilemma and I will be getting it soon, no later than 24 hours.

Now I have installed the dynamips, just need to get the IOS but I have no idea how to get IOS. Probably, if I had know someone in Cisco that should have been easy to get the IOS.  Need to find a way for getting IOS.

My challenge, I have windows xp home edition installed and 1.8 GHz duo core acer laptop, I am not sure if this can handle the load, need to try. Many people are suggest loading ubunto and dynmips works wonderful on that. But I am not sure how to load ubunto on my laptop, perhaps may be in my office desktop I will load Ubunto and work on that.

Now my action plan is

1) Purchase IEWB(don’t know which volume) and IE COD,

2) Find a way to get IOS

3) Load the dynamips and start working.

Perhaps it is easy to plan than getting it done.  


CCIE Lab Preparation

September 2, 2007

I am not sure how to proceed with the lab prep.

I am kind of stuck after the written exam; more or less every day is a challenge. I have decided that I am going to enter the details regarding the CCIE lab preparation.

Now I am perhaps facing challenges in doing the lab exam. I am not able to focus right now on the lab.

As per my plan, I will start with the CBT nuggets. I am not comfortable with Cisco concepts and have very little experience in practical exposure.  What I am going to do is update day to day activity in the blog regarding my CCIE Lab preparation.  It may be of help to some people or I will get some help from others through comments so I am just keeping my finger crossed for the complete activity.  I don’t have Cisco devices so I am planning to start with Dynamips. In internetworkexpert there is a help guidance to start with Dynamips, I will follow that and then post the result.

Maximum I am planning to work on Dynamips and at the later stage use the rental racks, I am planning for Cisco lab accessor exam also.