About Myself

My name is Mohamed Yousuf; in records it’s Mohamed Yusubudeen (that’s how it’s maintained in passport ID and everything, this is how my parents and many people from my hometown call me as well). I will post a blog on explaining this.

Earlier I had done my post in 2007 when I was doing my CCIE preparation, in-between I was not consistent so I lost touch in updating the blog, I was also not keen on updating the blog, it became a matter of focus because my intention earlier was to post all the happening and experience related to CCIE.

I decide to continue blogging and stay consistent and focused as much as possible.

This is the reason I am reinitiating my blog, to live an inspired life and inspire others whoever I come across in life through a channel that can be reached to many.

It is about sharing what I have learned, learning and manage myself efficiently, I am also exploring, experiencing things in life, with all the best of abilities learning to make the best choice. Life is all about choice; our life can be transcended purely by choice. My blog is also to communicate with all the people whom I come across and share the instances of life from my perspective. I want to keep it a professional blog and share with all my clients, most importantly to my close ones, family members, friends, relatives, people who care for me and others who may come in contact ……in future……. everyone ……….

I being the change I see the changes in the world.

Everyone has their own world and I am creating my world and living in it, I remind myself all the time of the world I am creating……..

I want to stay in touch with all the people known to me and keep them inspired.

The main focus of the blog is to manage myself, be the best I can and live life to the fullest by unleashing the god given potential.

There are no limits …………….

Living an inspired life…………… to fulfill the purpose for what I am sent for…….

Today is a new day


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