Why focus on what is required ?

How many times in your exams days have you realized end of the exam that you knew many answers but because of the focus on one particular tough question you had spent more time and
didn’t have enough time to complete as planned.

I suppose this is an easy analogy since most of the people would have gone through this experience in school or college exams.

For example let us take maths, sometime when we get stuck with a problem we continue to solve it rather than moving on to next. We lose the focus in the exam and instead of getting 90 we would have got just 50 marks, all because of that one question-because of the lack of focus on the time.

Now coming back to the focus of our discussion this analogy can be applied to our day to day life where we end up losing focus and do something rather than what was meant to be done.

Last week I was at a client place for software coordination and user acceptance test activity in-between the owner of the company asked me if I knew sync issue of Samsung tab phone. I was doing something very important activity, for me what was required to say was ‘No sorry I don’t have idea since I am not using Samsung phone’ and continue what I had planned (and that is the fact). I didn’t do so and I ended up wasting time and lost focus from the activity planned.

This is just an experience and what really made me think on the focus is something even more intriguing.

Most often and repeatedly we focus on negativity than positivity by habit. We don’t realize but it all happens in the mind and we continue doing it.

In a day we end up getting both positive and negative experience.

Where do we stay tuned is very important, if we stay tuned to 96.7FM then we will only get that channel, it is the same here as well if we stay tuned to positivity we end up experiencing positivity.

Where is your Focus and what are you focusing is very very important, next time when your mind starts complaining or moving in the negative direction catch it and say to your mind, focus required is on positivity.

The main focus of this blog is on two things- focus on what is required – this can be applied on either time management or in any area of your life. To get things done more similar to what is planned by purely sticking to what is required. This will completely improve your productivity and effectiveness in what you are doing.
Second is no matter how tough your day might be, no matter even if everything is happening against you, no matter even if you are having lot of challenges in your day irrespective of anything the FOCUS should be only on positivity by doing so you will end up staying grateful for what you have and be attuned to the inner peace that will bring more good things and positivity in life.

There is lot of negativity, you switch on news or see around, you will find it everywhere but from that you will gain nothing but more of negativity, rather stay FOCUSSED and remain positive and do what is required- I am sure you will see the difference.


One Response to “Why focus on what is required ?”

  1. Syed Muhammad Mazahir Says:

    I would like to quote and example of two people starting businesses and having setback, objectives, problems, and successes. Whenever I met the first person, he always talked about his struggles, his frustrations, his plans, and his successes. He is a very ambitious person, a good human-being, but always stressed and drinking at the end of the day. The second person had more frustration, bigger setbacks and struggles. But I never found him complaining or drinking. He is a bigger success if money is the measuring unit of success. The first person is well educated and well read. The second one is an uneducated person. The main difference I see in them is focus. The first person can give one-hour lectures each on “Gandhi the politician” or “Wisdom of Bill Gates.” The second person knows nothing about these. Now if you focus on one thing (it will be easy if you are not interested in anything else) there will be less stress and little frustration and better success.
    If you are a teacher who wants to ignite the minds of next generation, then you will not have similar success in real estate as your friend who knows nothing about igniting minds.

    But one thing is for sure sir, that 96.7FM is one of your favrioute channel.

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