Why enter the Gladiator’s Ring ?

A very interesting conversation happened couple of days back on a telephonic interview, which goes on very well with the focus of the blog that is to inspire my team, others and myself so I am sharing this here

This is about company AMICS, to those who are not aware, AMICS – is an IT consultancy and service oriented company where the whole business revolves around the IT platform. We stand for service and give the utmost care and support to our clients in managing their IT setup.

In AMICS Ganesh is responsible for the operations, few days back we were recruiting for one of the challenging roles in AMICS – Service Delivery Manager, up until now we were handling the service delivery, mostly it was handled by Ganesh.

Coming to the discussion, we had our final closing interview conference call with the candidate after so many rounds of pre analysis and internal discussion, so the discussion went on and we felt this candidate would fit in for our operations very well. We were giving him insights on the business and the day-to-day operations briefing about AMICS…

During the call, we wanted to give the transparent picture to the candidate, Ganesh suddenly came up with an analogy in expressing the situation to the candidate, here I cannot bring the entire word to word conversation but as much as the crux of it to explain its exclusivity from the best of my knowledge, I keep the candidate’s name confidential here ……

Ganesh was asking the candidate that, have you seen the movie Gladiator – he replied yeah, then Ganesh explained every single day we get prepared and enter the ring with the team…. for those who are not prepared gets excluded and those who are strong survive and continue with us.

Ganesh continued further adding that  “we have lot of challenges and that is more similar to the Gladiator ring’s experience either we survive or get killed, so far we had different people coming to our operations only those who were strong and could unify with AMICS could continue and rest are out, we are very focused and as soon as you join our team you will feel the pressure similar to the gladiator ring’s experience every single day, it is all about the qualities and the consistency  you have to develop in order to stay in the ring relating to the stay in Amics…”

Ganesh intended explaining this to give the true picture about the current situation and experience we were going through to the candidate.

Finally the candidate was much delighted and stated that he would be more than happy to join Amics since it would push him to deliver the best.

The point I am trying to make is not about the competition we have with others in the market but it is purely on what we are facing in our day-to-day activity and how important every single second is important to us in our operations.

Just imagine if you can give the very best every single second in the task that you had taken up now what results would it bring…for sure you will succeed.

It is important for you to understand clearly what is that you want and what results you want end of the day, set effective goals and just achieve it…..

I remind myself that I enter the gladiator’s ring every single day, I need to motivate myself, my team and keep them focused and guide them in the positive direction.

A gladiator enters the ring with confidence, courage and excitement to face the odds and doesn’t think about past and future but the very moment and the very obstacle that he faces inside the ring

For me, I fight to kick away my laziness, I 
fight to remove the hurdles and roadblocks, I 
fight to bring the best out of me, I 
fight for a good reason …… lot of things to fight for….

Fight, fight and fight within yourself to overcome anything you find as an obstacle in you. Most important in the fight is “give your very best and never give up”

To you I would say, life is not meant to just pass the day and suddenly wake up one morning to realize that you haven’t done anything worthwhile, take action now and you will be pleased with your efforts.

I challenge everyone to take life as a one day game and that is all we have, just be in the game and give your best to make the most out of your day, whether you are a leader or a part of team or a student or a housewife or having your own business or in any profession be the best and give your best in a way that would infect your environment with positivity leading, encouraging others in following the same path

End of day it is the inner satisfaction where we must always strive to bring the best out of us in a splendid manner. There has to be a fight after all If we give in for the hurdles and troubles in life, what can be achieved in life….. choice is yours….. Choose the right one….


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