Why live life to fullest ? Part 2

This blog entry is in continuation with the – Why live life to the fullest ?- Part 1
Live life to the fullest, cherish the present moment now, be thankful for now, no matter what situation you are in – Just be grateful. My point in this blog entry is – enjoy every moment of life, fill your life with experiences that would make you feel happy. Even if you are in a situation that is not pleasant be thankful.

It is obvious that if we try to create a future by staying ungratful at the present, possibly that wouldnt happen,

In simple – no one can create a better future by cribbing or staying ungrateful at present, atleast the process of creating a better future would be delayed, the best way is to remain grateful to create a wonderful future- yesterday’s future is todays present- the present moment shapes the projected future – stay in the moment, stay with gratitude….

Only grateful moments will lead to a wonderful future and the present moment determines your future….

Make others happy and live life with that attitude, nothing can be more joyful than making someone’s day – making someone happy – it could be anything as simple as a smile to others- how often we smile at others on the go,

Give the very best all times and you will be grateful you did, we wont think of the days that we have wasted in the past , we would rather think of the days when we were in the best form and in the best of our abilities- make everyday a memorable one.

My point is not to dwell on the past achievement, make everyday happen be in the flow, what sticks in our conscious mind is from the subconscious.

After all we get only one life, let us make the most of it, seek for the purpose in your life, make a difference every single moment. We live with joy and sorrow , nothing is permanent but we can constantly have a more predominant thoughts of joy than sorrow.

If we sit around and expect things to happen than it doesn’t work that way , we need to get it done…it starts from our mind…..Let us be grateful for what we have and live life to the fullest ……………


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