Why live life to the fullest ? – Part 1

What feelings do you get when you look back at the past 5 years , 10 years in your life. Something great, astounding, phenomenal , outstanding, extreme state of joy, or the other way around which is opposite or something which is normal, something mixed up with thoughts of ups and downs., it could be anything ….. The point is time passes by without realization, and in the end we feel we haven’t done anything remarkable…….not in everyone’s case but in my case it is ..

In a way we often get trapped in current situations and circumstances which blocks us from experiencing the life to the fullest, but who is in control of this situations and circumstances, of course we are in a way having more control over our situations/circumstances if we take responsibility .

What happens to us is only 20% and how we respond to it is 80%, In many situations we have different experience due to different responses and the choices we make.

Certainly I can pick up cases, Imagine if our response is with anger or if our response is with love what results would it produce ….

Most common problems categories are Health, wealth and relationship , most of the other issues revolve fundamentally on this three areas but the root comes to the same basic three issues. It requires to have balance in these three areas to live life fully, if we are having issues with any of these areas then we have to correct it and take the right action.

Life- in life we get to live only now , nothing else can be experienced in life other than now – past memories are also experienced in the now. You cannot escape from this NOW, this very moment, whatever situation you may be in , whether you like it or not – you only get to live NOW. Time is so precious , time is life , nothing can be replaced for time.

Some where I read,

Time is life and if you are wasting time you are wasting life.

Most of the times we either spend thinking about our past or anticipating the future. The main thing is in our mind,in our thoughts, how much are we enjoying life now, how much are we consciously present now, how much are we charged up doing the current activity. What is driving us or what is stopping/ bothering us. It is our thoughts in mind and for everything that happens is stored in our mind, may be it seems physical but we are mostly living in the mind( mental state ).

The first creation happens in our mind and then in the real instance. Our mind especially subconscious mind determines and filters the thoughts that would come in, there is a difference between wandering thoughts and streamlined thoughts. Only by staying conscious we can streamline our thoughts by choosing and picking the right thoughts..

Consciousness is now- stay conscious – be conscious.

Will continue this topic, so much to discuss -especially this is such a wonderful topic and most importantly a very lively challenge, one has to set priorities, practice and live with it ………………..nothing new is here in this blog entry,this is just to remind myself – and I am finding ways to live life to the fullest….and share my knowledge and experience…..


One Response to “Why live life to the fullest ? – Part 1”

  1. mysecretofsuccess Says:

    Tasneem Zain Really and interesting post and what you mentioned about mind is really true…. most of time there are millions of thoughts flowing through our mind and somehow or the other we consistently keep thinking of something..
    Yesterday at 1:59pm · Unlike · 1 person

    Mohamed Yousuf Deen When we stop thinking we enjoy the Essence of immense presence, prayers are always helpful in achieving this, only if we pray sincere enough ….:-)
    Yesterday at 3:09pm · Like · 2 people

    Yasmin Zain Just focusing on why we need to live life fully, here is my brief answer. Every moment is a treasure. As the quote goes “”Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present” — Bill Keane. We never know what is going to happen to us the next day, why go that far, the next minute the next second by itself is unpredictable. Death is inevitable. We need to be on our toes to expect the unexpected. When we constantly remind ourselves that we have limited time on earth, then we will begin to live each moment of life to the fullest. Be thankful and enjoy the “present” moments by utilizing it fully with no regrets.

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