What is happening to my CCIE lab preparation?

Out of no where and no way I am trying to prepare my lab exam.  Perhaps life would be more wonderful if an individual knows how to proceed and keep the focus fixed on what an individual want. Right now I have to define the steps that I need to take and then stick to it. I think I will go for internet work expert COD and IEWB.

I have not purchased it yet. Just a little dilemma and I will be getting it soon, no later than 24 hours.

Now I have installed the dynamips, just need to get the IOS but I have no idea how to get IOS. Probably, if I had know someone in Cisco that should have been easy to get the IOS.  Need to find a way for getting IOS.

My challenge, I have windows xp home edition installed and 1.8 GHz duo core acer laptop, I am not sure if this can handle the load, need to try. Many people are suggest loading ubunto and dynmips works wonderful on that. But I am not sure how to load ubunto on my laptop, perhaps may be in my office desktop I will load Ubunto and work on that.

Now my action plan is

1) Purchase IEWB(don’t know which volume) and IE COD,

2) Find a way to get IOS

3) Load the dynamips and start working.

Perhaps it is easy to plan than getting it done.  


3 Responses to “What is happening to my CCIE lab preparation?”

  1. smart Says:

    Hi ,

    Congratulations, in advance – a better start is half done.

    Just dont analyse , pass on with the preperation

  2. injones Says:

    I send you this information, with respect that it will only be this one time. I will not SPAM you in the future. Your assistance or referral would be greatly appreciated.

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    –Will have a strong background in Routing Protocols and Large scale Architecture.
    –Acts as a technical expert in LAN Switching specific to CAT6K.
    –Provides second line phone/email/fax consultation to independently debug complex product problems.
    –Will provide systems/product training both internally and externally.
    –Acts as a focal point for large account network problem resolution.
    –Provides support on a world-wide basis.
    Successful candidate has the following experience, knowledge or proven capabilities:
    –Ability to work independently, as the position only receives minimal supervision with no instruction on routine work and general instruction on new assignments.
    –Ability to analyze, use and configure small to medium networks.
    –Proven crisis management skills.
    –Works on problems of diverse scope where analysis requires evaluation of identifiable factors.
    –Applies known solutions to solve problems.

    The following technical skills are required:
    –Routing Protocols
    –Large scale Architecture
    –LAN switching expertise specific to CAT6K

    Typically requires BS in CS or EE or equivalent plus 7-10 years related experience. You must have a current, completed CCIE to be considered. Candidate must be willing to be tested on strengths. Salary will be commensurate with experience, with exceptional Benefits and Stock options. We are competitive on our total compensation offerings. If you are interested in working for Cisco in this capacity then please submit your details and CV to injones@cisco.com. Only those candidates that meet the requirements will be contacted.

  3. Allan Says:


    If you are interested in installing Ubuntu and dynamips i could help you out, anyways by tomorrow i should be filling up my blog on nistruction on how to set it up on ubuntu, also for some good tutorials you could check out http://www.blindhog.net

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